Chub Anderson and Sheriff Wayman, 2009, Part 6

In this clip Chub and the Sheriff talk about the night of the murder in detail- especially Chub’s relationship with E.C. and the two of them outrunning Deputy Bill Mitchell in Chub’s souped up red Chevelle. The car was a gift from the Mullendore family who were known for treating their staff well and inspiring a loyalty which kept many people working at the ranch for years.

Wayman can be heard promising Chub the moon if only he will talk. The sheriff also says that he never thought E.C.’s wife Linda had anything to do with the murder. However in a recent interview in The Big Heart Times after Chub’s death, he is quoted as saying that she probably had everything to do with the shooting: “when they (Chub and E.C.) came back in the house, they were fussing over the divorce and the cattle checks.”

Once again, after the two lawmen left I continued recording while Chub told me about the back door deals he had been offered in the past which included total immunity from prosecution, money and fame. These deals and more will be discussed in future clips.

Coming up next week: talk of the Mafia and other tidbits that were thrown in George Wayman’s direction to keep the old sheriff guessing, a private investigator who thinks he knows the whole story and Chub’s thoughts on women along with the last of his conversation with the sheriff.

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