Chub Anderson and Sheriff Wayman, 2009, Part 7

If you are a first visitor to this site you may want to go back to Part One of these video clips and watch them in sequence to put everything in perspective.

This week the conversation between Chub and the Sheriff touches on Chub’s life in Montana and the time he spent working on Snow Crest Ranch which belongs to broadcasting mogul Ted Turner.

Chub built two huge holding pens for buffalo that Turner raised on the ranch and while he was working there he lived in one of the original ranch houses on the property. During this two year period when he rubbed shoulders with many well known people-including Turner’s wife at the time- Jane Fonda- he never once slipped out of his assumed identity as Jack Evert. I spent several weeks in Montana interviewing people who had known Chub there and no one suspected  him.

During this segment from Chub’s and Wayman’s visit, their discussion also takes a more personal tone when the Sheriff asks him about the many women he has had in his life: four wives, two of whom were common law, several long time girlfriends including two in Montana and many flings with other women. These topics and many more are described in detail in my as yet unpublished book “Footprints in the Dew: The Chub Anderson Story.

Before I bring you the last two clips from George’s and Chub’s reunion, I would like to thank you all for your support. The many comments I have received from people wanting to purchase the book  when it is available and saying that this story would make a great movie are very encouraging. In the current economy it is very difficult to find an agent or publisher so I certainly appreciate these kind words.

Coming up next week: He’s known as possible the best private investigator in the country and you won’t want to miss hearing about his role in this mystery. Then in the final clip Sheriff Wayman makes a last attempt to get Chub to talk. Will he?

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