Auctions-Old and New

Welcome back. Estate sale, yard sale, auction: in my travels I see a lot of these signs at this ti me of year and when I’m not pressed to get someplace, I’ll often stop and explore what they have to oandfdfer. Locally Wayne Vineyard whom I recently mentioned runs all three types of sales as does Mary’s Auctions and if you’re in the cattle buying business, you’re sure to know the names of Brian Little and Jimmy King. These two have been selling cattle for years and Brian also conducts a lot of estate auctions. All three of these outfits are known for their honesty in handling valuable items but as we all know time is ticking for us all and there’s a new guy in town who is starting off with may just be the biggest auction of antique tractors and tractor parts that’s been held in our part of the country in years. The company is called Midwest Auctions and the owner is George Sterling Eisele. I attended one of his auctions recently to find out just who this guy is and to get more info on the July 27th sale. I found out that not only did he graduate in the top of his class in auctioneering school, he’s also quite entertaining to talk to as well. It’s adding up to be an interesting sale and close to Bartlesville. To get to the sale location you go one mile north of Dewey, Oklahoma to the Dewey Cemetary and then two miles east. Friends, even if you’re not into old equipment this still will be a fun event. This is a chance to take a look back in the past at the ways farmers planted and harvested our food, see old highway equipment, old and modern lawn mowers, along with parts and many smaller antiques. George told me that this isn’t an estate sale, the seller whose name is Mike Davis, is just getting older and wants his entire collection of museum quality equipment to be seen and passed on so we don’t forget how tough farmers had it in the old days. Mike himself is a local Phillips retiree whose passion for old tractors and early tools goes back sixty-five years when he was just a boy playing in the dirt and he’s been collecting ever since, even holding on to those play toys from his youth. Mike and George told me that a couple of other collectors are bringing some of their stuff to sell too so my suggestion is to bring a lawn chair and plan to enjoy yourself. On another subject, Arvest’s Friday Forum which is now run by retired educator and past State Representative Earl Sears featured a presentation by Dr. Ryan Vaclaw and Dr. Elizabeth Sherrock from Primary Care Associates this part Friday and I was there to hear what these two had to say about medical marijuana. Apparently the two doctors not only give the physicals needed to obtain a medical marijuana license, they also have their own dispensary which is located on south 75 across from the Jane Phillips Sleep Center. Close to a hundred and fifty people were at Friday Forum to listen to their perspectives and I’ve asked the doctors if they would give me their thoughts on the subject in print and that’s coming up next week. Till then I’ll see ya down the road…. #