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4 thoughts on “Chub Anderson Photos

  1. pretty interesting stuff. sad 2 hear chub passed away tho. will be interested in reading this book when its complete.

  2. I saw a nice looking brown haired,very young,when a couple of us who knew Chub years ago stopped by to see how he was. I saw her twice at the Nursing home where Chub was at in Independence,Ks.The second time I saw her at the Nursing home I was shocked when she shared pics of her and Chub being Married at Chub’s apt. in Caney,Ks. Now we don’t hear anything about the wife,or that there ever was a Marriage.I just haven’t heard anything more and would like to send my condolences. Has anyone heard anything about the wife or where the kids are now?I meet the kids a couple of time but they were young.RIP CHUB

  3. THis is very good reading, wish I knew the ending. I guess because I have been in that country makes it more interesting. My Son worked at Pawnee IHS and he came to the IHS unit at Pawhaska about once a week, My wife and I came up there and would drive around and enjoy the country. A big change from New Mexico.

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