Baltimore and Points East

 I am sorry that I have not been posting lately. I have been on the road but I’m home now and will posting something new for the next few days. Thanks for your support.

Welcome back. This week I’m taking you along on my travels to the port city of Baltimore, Maryland where I have just arrived as you read this. The city was named for the Englishman Lord Baltimore who was one of the founding fathers in 1729 and served as the first Proprietary Governor of Maryland. Baltimore played a key role in the American Revolution and also during the War of 1812 when the English called the city “a nest of pirates.”

After the British army burned Washington, D.C. they sailed and marched to Baltimore where they met strong resistance from both militia forces and residents who bombarded them with pots and pans after their ammunition ran out.

When he made land the British Commander General Ross told his men “I will win this battle or I eat dinner in hell tonight.” He was killed a few hours later.

Francis Scott Key was a witness to this battle inspiring him to write the poem which later became the lyrics of our national anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner.”

In the following years the city grew as commerce increased with both Europe and the west. During the Civil War Maryland remained part of the union and slavery was outlawed in the state in 1864. Then in 1904 a tragic fire (The Great Baltimore Fire) destroyed over 1500 structures, in 30 hours. Remarkably the city was rebuilt within two years and was once again a prosperous shipping center.

Over the years the economic base in Baltimore has shifted from manufacturing to service oriented businesses. The redevelopment of the inner harbor created an important draw for tourists and the city is also home to Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Hospital and Medical Center attracting students and patients from around the world. The University was founded in 1876 with a mission to advance research and scholarship. Today Johns Hopkins remains a world leader in teaching and research. Together, the University, Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Medical Center are Maryland’s largest employers and contribute over $10 billion annually to the state’s economy.

First up on my itinerary tomorrow is a visit to the Medical Center and then I plan to tour the harbor area. I have visited many seaports and I understand that Baltimore’s is second to none. After that I plan to check out some of their great museums.

I’ll be here a few days so next week be looking for more info from this historical town. If all goes well I hope to be reporting from the north shore of Long Island

Sound next week where the fall foliage is just starting to bring in “ tourists from all over. The colorful leaves, the smell of saltwater and the natural beauty of the Connecticut shore have made the historical town of Madison a destination for travelers, going back to the Revolutionary era when the British tried to take it too.

Till next time I’ll see ya down the road…..


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