UFOs in New Mexico

Welcome back once again to your unofficial report on Pawhuska the town and Pawhuska the site for Martin Scorsese’s film adaptation of the book Killers of the Flower Moon which if you haven’t heard depicts a time in the 1920s when murder was common in Osage County. Something else that’s common right now in another part of the country is UFO sightings. Friends if you missed me last week, my travels to distant locales in the north central mountains of New Mexico close to the continental divide where there are many reports of UFO sightings and also cattle mutilations kept me out of range of any form of communication but before I get to all that here’s an update on Pawhuska,

Last week the dirt was reapplied to the street and several dozen extras were again kept in the Constantine Theater before being marched like soldiers down the street and behind a fifty-foot curtain that has been erected to kept spectators from seeing exactly what they are doing. Horse drawn wagons and 1920s era automobiles also came down the street, went behind the curtain and then a while out they all came again.  The actors went back to the Constantine and the cars, wagons and horses went to a secured vacant lot, all awaiting their next call. This is happening several times a day and I hear from my sources that while locations may vary, the actual filming will continue for another four to six weeks maybe longer.

Here’s the scoop if you’re interested in becoming an extra: Apple Productions is looking for you as they have been advertising extensively so come to Pawhuska where you can be in a movie, eat at a half dozen new restaurants, shop till you drop, go to museums, see bison at the Nature Conservancy’s Tallgrass Prairie Preserve, and walk across the famous swinging bridge but whatever you do come early to fit it all in.

As for UFOs you longtime readers may remember that a few years back I spent two weeks tracking reports of mutilated cattle possibly related to UFOs, getting close to the locations of these events, staying many nights out in the mountains and spending days interviewing eye witnesses. Well with all the recent publicity about the government’s findings last week I got a tip on another mutilated cow so I’m planning a new trip as you read this. Santa Fe will be my home base for a couple of weeks because I know communications will be reliable and from there, I head into the high mountains for daily excursions going where most of the sightings occur. Four hours north is Abiquiu, home to Georgia O’Keefe and the famous Ghost Ranch.   Another four hours northeast is Taos where I will stay over as there have been sighting in the Taos area as well as around Cimmaron, Red River and Angel Fire. There is supposedly a secret government base in this area as well that I have directions to so I will keep you up to date on my discoveries in addition to the current news I hear in Pawhuska.                                                                                 

Till next time I’ll see ya down the road………………                                                                                                                                                                            

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