Killers of the Flower Moon Filming in Pawhuska, OK

Welcome back to the unofficial report on the status of the filming of Killers of the Flower Moon. Although it looks like most of the actual filming will take place in Pawhuska, the majority of the journeymen working on the project are calling Bartlesville home.     Local hotels are housing most of these workers but come May 1st, a date you heard right here first, several hotels will be completely reserved for additional workers coming in for the project. Yes, friends only in the Examiner you are learning that from May1st   through July 9th it looks like the actual filming will begin. From the corner of Kihikah and Sixth street going east the street will be transformed into a scene from the 1920s. As businesses along that section of Kihikah will be closed, business owners are already being compensated for lost income and changes to their buildings. Awnings and signage are being removed and replaced with awnings and signage that is appropriate for the 1920s. A couple of blocks down the street on the other end of Kihikah a railroad station is being constructed across the street from Allen Brothers Feed and rail is being laid down to make it look authentic.

All the available storage space in Pawhuska has been filled so the old Siemen’s building in Bartlesville is being used for storing stuff as well and I’m told they may also be buildings sets inside. 

The major stars in the movie have been seen around Pawhuska and my sources tell me that Leonardo de Caprio has been staying at a bed and breakfast called The Oilman’s Daughter. I checked out this lovely place which is probably the nicest in town and found some interesting history about it. If you are considering an overnight stay here this b&b might turn out to be a bit famous when the film is released.

In addition, I have learned that De Caprio has also visited several local attractions including taking a tour of Woolaroc.

As for the economy in the area several million dollars have already been spent on production costs and May 1st is still more than a month away.   With all this activity I was surprised to find that not everyone coming to Ree Drummond’s Mercantile was aware of the filming but when word gets out the wait for lunch there is liable to be five or six hours and it’s not far from that now on some days. I must say that not one of the hundreds of people I have sold books to in Pawhuska had any complaints about the food and with so many stores nearby for shopping most didn’t mind the wait.

Pawhuska, Oklahoma, it’s the story of a town that has seen both good times and bad times and now with the success of the Mercantile along with the filming of a big-time movie the fortunes of this small town can go nowhere but up. I plan to be there more and more often as the start of filming approaches in May, autographing books at Lorec Ranch next door to the Mercantile.  

Meanwhile if you find yourself in Pawhuska come by and say hello.                

Till next time I’ll see ya down the road…………….

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