Travel in the COVID 19 Era

Welcome back. Recreational vehicles or RVs as they are commonly called, over the years I’ve owned about a dozen of them and camped out in RV parks across the country. On the west coast Mugu State Park was my home for two weeks while I was investigating the Whitey Bulger story. Bulger had an apartment in Santa Monica where he was captured which is not far from the campground. Will Rogers and movie star Joel McCray both had ranches close by as well which I also visited regularly and always on a budget I preferred to save money by tent camping at RV parks.

When I arrived in Rockport, Texas recently I learned that there are over 80 RV parks here which accommodate both workers and the “snow birds” who come here every year from northern Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma and other more northern states to enjoy the mild climate. Many of these RV parks offer a full range of amenities including shower houses, swimming pools and hot tubs along with washers and dryers and WIFI and most also have dog parks, playgrounds and water access for fishing and boating on the Gulf of Mexico. All of this in a town that has just around 10,000 full time residents.

In Bartlesville travelers have two options for RV camping with all the amenities of a big time RV park like these. At 1211 SE Adams you’ll find Riverside RV Park a place that offers 80 spots all with electric and everything a good RV park should have. Riverside also offers a sparkling swimming pool which is the oldest public pool in the country. I’m told that the health department monitors the pool and Riverside’s management has been told that it is always one of the cleanest inspectors see. Family run, clean and handy to all the attractions in downtown Bartlesville, Riverside is one of those places that visitors hate to leave.

The other RV park in Bartlesville has years of history as well and if you ever need repairs to your camper Bell Camper Sales can help you out there as well. Located between Bartlesville and Dewy, like Riverside Bell RV Village has an employee on site 24/7. You old timers may remember Blackie Bell, the man who started it all, who was known not only for his service to

his customers but also for his acrobatics in human kite flying.

It was back in the 1960s when Blackie did his airborne work while being pulled by a fast boat. Although it’s all history now back in the day Blackie drew quite a crowd to watch him perform at Hulah Lake which was the big lake at the time. If you want to learn more check out Bell Camper Sales’ new office where the whole story of Blackie Bell is kept alive with a photo exhibit of his accomplishments.

Yes, friends these two local businesses, along with all the other ones, are just another reason

out-of-towners passing through praise the area.

Till next time, I’ll see ya down the road……………….

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