Jerry Poppenhouse, World Traveler

Welcome back. First the scoop, and if you’re a rodeo fan you’d better listen up. The BOK Center in Tulsa is going to open up to the general public for the first time since the pandemic started in March to host the Express Ranches PBR bull riding championships on October 10th and 11th. From what I’ve been told by officials with Express Ranches it looks like only fifty percent occupancy will be allowed. This event is always a big draw in Tulsa so if you like professional bull riding up close you’d better get your tickets now. For you new readers; I’ve written about Express Ranches in the past and their owner who as a boy growing up poor always wanted to own a cow or two and now after becoming quite successful, he owns thousands all over the country. Google the name Bob Funk, he has quite a life story.

Another man with an interesting life story is photographer extraordinaire Jerry Poppenhouse whose work is currently on display in the Lyon Gallery at the Bartlesville Community Center. Jerry went around the world taking photographs for Phillips Petroleum Company and documenting his travels along the way. You don’t want to miss this exhibit which will only be up for a few more weeks. I guarantee Jerry will take you places you’ve only dreamed about with his camera and as a special treat Mr. Poppenhouse himself will be in town on September 26th to open an interactive slideshow. One sequence of photos will make you feel like you are walking right on the Great Wall of China which Jerry did. This is just one reality show, there are several others so check out his work and if you are available come shake the hand of this legendary photographer.

On another subject if you enjoy a good stroll, I’d like to suggest downtown Bartlesville for your next outing. It seems like every time I visit; I see new shops opening up and this past week I came across a restaurant and bar called Crossing 2nd. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to stay and eat but the menu looked very interesting so I plan a longer stay next time for sure.

Here’s a brief report from last week’s travels I hope you will enjoy. At Ree Drummond’s Mercantile in Pawhuska during the long Labor Day weekend the wait for lunch was anywhere from two to four hours but I didn’t hear any complaints.  Good food and plenty of it was the usual response from her clientele.  While I was in town autographing books, I took an informal survey and of course all the businesses I spoke with were happy to have the crowds back.

At the fairgrounds in Tulsa this past weekend another big crowd attended the gun show there on Saturday and Sunday. Many of the vendors said that some guns are getting very hard to find even for dealers. The same goes for the high-powered ammunition and bigger stores are having trouble stocking some calibers as well. I have been wearing a mask at these events but in Pawhuska only about half of the people I saw had one on. This was about the same in Tulsa; once people came through the door; they took their masks off.

As always, thanks for reading and till next time I’ll see ya down the road………………

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