More on Nurses, Woolaroc and the Cowboy Hall of Fame

Welcome back.  From Montana to Texas, California to New York nurses have heard about the book Footprints in the Dew and learned that they could order a free copy by emailing or calling the store at (405) 340-9202. Dozens of books have already been mailed out and the giveaway is still going on so if you know a deserving nurses, even a retired nurse,  anywhere in the country just send an email with their name and address to them and boom! the book gets shipped. If you’re not computer friendly you can call Best of Books and give them the info over the phone. It’s easy and it’s not too late. National Nurses Week should last all year long but I have to move on to another story although not far because these people also work in the healthcare field.

I want to give a shout out to caregivers so here’s a little history on these folks. According to the dictionary caregivers are defined as people who help other people with activities of daily living such as bathing and dressing. Caregivers can be paid or unpaid, with or without formal training. I’m sure many of you know a caregiver or you may be one yourself. In Bartlesville we are fortunate to have several professional caregiving services including the Brighter Living program offered by Elder Care. Throughout the pandemic these workers have continued to care for their clients despite personal risk. To me these folks are also heroes working on the frontline of this struggle like nurses do everyday.

Moving forward in this uncertain time when so many things have changed so quickly I am happy to report that thus far two of my favorite parties are still being planned. The Western Heritage Awards at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City has been rescheduled to October 2nd-3rd. As I previously told you Kurt Russell and Robert Duval are among this year’s honorees and I heard they both planned to attend. This year the awards will be held in conjunction with the Traditional Cowboy Arts Exhibit and Sale so there will be even more to see and do.  Give ‘em a call at (405) 478-2250 for more information.

The Cow Thieves and Outlaws Reunion will be held out at Woolaroc on September 26th and it is another great get together held in a truly magical place. To my knowledge the ranch and museum are still closed to the public but on Wednesdays you can drive through the grounds for free and experience the beautiful scenery and wildlife that  Frank Phillips left us.

Till next time I’ll see ya down the road…………….

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