Celebrating National Nurses Week

 In recognition of the brave work of nurses across the country during the coronavirus pandemic, I am partnering with Best of Books in Edmond, Oklahoma to give nurses a free copy of my best-selling book during National Nurses Week starting at 12AM on May 6th and ending at 12PM on May12th. While supplies last anyone in the nursing field may contact Best of Books at bestofbooks@sbcglobal.net or (405) 340-9202 and arrange to pick up a copy or have one mailed to them at no charge. They can select either a paperback copy or a copy of the recently released audio book. Drummond Law LLC in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Southwestern Stationary and Bank Supply in Oklahoma City are also sponsoring the giveaway which hopes to reach nurses across the country. National Nurses Week is also a celebration of the birthday of Florence Nightingale who is considered to be the founder of the modern nursing profession. Footprints in the Dew is about the life of Damon “Chub” Anderson and his role in the most famous unsolved murder in the southwest. E.C. Mullendore III was shot between the eyes in his home on the family’s 400,000-acre Cross Bell ranch on September 26, 1970. When he died, he held the largest life insurance policy ever written in the U.S. At the time the family owned the New Orleans Saints football team. With E.C. that night was Damon “Chub” Anderson, a man who would end up on the most wanted list when he skipped bail on numerous charges including an arrest for growing the largest pot crop in Oklahoma history. He was on the run for 16 years before being captured in Montana where he had been working for media mogul Ted Turner under an alias. Although also wanted in Oklahoma, Anderson was extradited to Kansas and sentenced to time in Lansing Prison. Footprints in the Dew is his life story as he told it to me before his death in 2010. First published in 2015, the book is now in its 4th printing and has been consistently included on the list of bestselling books in Oklahoma since the day it came out.

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