Great Independent Book Stores in Oklahoma

Welcome back. This past week I’ve been at a lot of book stores. In Edmond there was Best of Books, a large store that is tucked away in a mall about a mile from the University of Central Oklahoma campus. Here you’ll find books of all kinds. Kids’ books, they’ve got hundreds of them as well how-to books, mysteries, new fiction and non-fiction. They even offer a reading room with refreshments. OU great Joe Washington and I autographed books there recently along with the bestselling mystery writer Kent Frates. If you’ve never heard of Kent, he’s the guy who’s written a two volume series about Oklahoma’s most notorious murder cases. An Oklahoma City attorney since 1964 Kent is also the real deal as far as writers go. We found we had a lot in common and plan on doing some book signing to together after the first of the year.

Ponca City has a bookstore I also recommend. Jerry Brace opened Brace’s Books thirty-five years ago and friends it’s still going strong. Like Best of Books, Brace’s has it all, including a specialty area where unique gifts of all kinds can be found. With a mini restaurant in the back next to the reading room, it’s no wonder that authors come from around the world for book signings here. While you are at Brace’s you can also arrange to take a tour of the Maryland Mansion which is a must see and visit some of the many other historical sites in the old town area. I always love visiting Ponca City and I think you will too.

The bookstore that everyone knows in Oklahoma City is of course Full Circle Books which is a landmark for book lovers throughout the state. When I was there last week my friend Gale Kane’s book Frank’s Fancy was being featured right next to mine. For those of you who haven’t read it, Frank’s Fancy tells the story of how Frank Phillips created Woolaroc. Woods, lakes and rocks, that’s Woolaroc and it’s a destination that’s known around the world. If you want to learn more you can find Frank’s Fancy in the Woolaroc gift shop and if you go now you can also take in the beautiful light display that they put up every year.

Coming up next Friday you’ll have the chance to meet the director of another great museum when Natalie Shirley from the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum is the featured speaker at Arvest’s Friday Forum. If you are interested in the history of cowboys from the old days, this lady knows all about it. I’ve heard her speak several times and I know after you hear her your next trip will be down to Oklahoma City to the museum. John Wayne is there, so is Joel McCray and all the other cowboy actors just waiting to greet you and tell their stories from the Golden Age of movies.

Friday Forum is held every Friday at 10AM at Arvest’s eastside branch. It is free and guests are always welcome.
I want to close this week by thanking everyone who helped put my new book Before the Dew as well as Footprints in the Dew on the Oklahoma best seller list last week. As always I appreciate the support.

Till next time I’ll see ya down the road…..

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