Not Fun But Necessary

Welcome back. This week I’m back in town for a medical procedure that’s about three years overdue. For those of you who like me are over fifty it’s something most doctors recommend and it’s easy. No solid foods on the day before the procedure but you can have clear liquids like broth and soup. No coffee for you though but on the good side the Miralax mixture you have to take isn’t nearly as bad tasting with apple juice as it used to be.

By now most of you know I’m talking about having a colonoscopy so the day of the test all you can have is basically water. From what I remember from six years ago, with the anesthetic there was no pain involved or side effects. Getting my body flushed out actually felt beneficial to me and getting a good report, at least on that part of my body, was a plus of course.

There is a sad note to this story and that is because the fellow who has done this procedure for me the last two times, Dr. GopiVasudevan, is moving his practice and as of the end of November he will no longer be in Bartlesville. If he’s your doctor I’d recommend giving his office a call pretty quickly because I found out that he’s filling up his schedule fast. I’ll let you know next week how everything goes.

On another note of interest to you readers I’ve recently discovered after it happened to me that you can’t shoot down a drone. Yes, even if you live out in the country with few neighbors close by, if a drone is hovering over your property and in my instance just ten feet off the ground and about fifteen feet from the bedroom and living room windows, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s office I would be breaking the law if I shot it down. With the cameras these flying machines are equipped with, I thought this had to be either a peeping tom or a thief looking for a target. I’ve contacted Senator Julie Daniels and she is looking into how you can legally defend your privacy from these intruders and I’ll let you know what she says.

On the local front I’ve heard that my friend Mike Henry’s visit to town may have resulted in the donation of some fancy new scoreboards for several of the town’s athletic fields. If you read Mike Tupa’s sports column a few weeks ago, Mike Henry and Barry Switzer have been business partners for over thirty years and they have been donating scoreboards around the state. I heard about the program while hanging out with Mike and Barry during the Coach’s Cabana TV show that I’ve been lucky enough to attend. It sounded like this would be a great opportunity for Bartlesville and from what Mike has told me, Barry usually comes into town for the dedication. Check with City Council member Jim Curd or City Planner Lisa Beeman for updates.

Till next time, I’ll see ya down the road….

P.S. If you’re thinking about a visit to the Dog Iron Ranch after reading last week’s column, they have closed the campground for the season but Will’s house is still open on most days from 10-5

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