Helping the least, the lost and the lonely…….

I am delighted to announce that Footprints in the Dew is finally here! Hope to see you all at the Dewey Hotel on the 26th!

Welcome back. Helping the less fortunate. Given the opportunity, I like to think it is in most people’s DNA to give back to the less fortunate be it with money, food or any other type of assistance they can offer. As I’ve traveled through many communities in the surrounding area over the past two weeks I’ve discovered that most towns have a place for homeless folks who find themselves in a hopeless situation often because of family trauma, substance abuse or just bad luck. I found shelters in Parsons and Pittsburgh, Kansas, Joplin, Missouri and of course Tulsa has several.

Bartlesville has such a place and it is known as the Lighthouse. It was opened in 1992 by Naomi Lanier who had a vision of a shelter that would offer more than just beds and food. Her vision included creating a safe haven for families and teaching them that following God’s way can work miracles and folks I can testify that in many instances it has. Through the years the Lighthouse has helped more people with food, shelter, the basic necessities of life and spiritual guidance than Naomi ever dreamed possible. Their motto is “Helping the least, the lost and the lonely” and I’ve found it is a good thing to bear in mind.

Another interesting observation I have made during my travels has to do with eating establishments. Of course the big fast food chains can be found everywhere but each of the towns I’ve been in lately has at least one mom & pop style café. In Bartlesville there’s Weeze’s which serves breakfast and lunch, specializing in home cooked food just like grandma used to make.

Nowata has The Depot which offers both good food and an interesting atmosphere. The café is located in the former train depot in downtown Nowata and you may see a freight train rumbling down the tracks while you are eating. It’s well worth a drive and I guarantee you’ll make a new friend while you are there.

Oolagah which is the home of Will Rogers and the Dog Iron Ranch, has its own place where people gather and its right on the town’s historic main street. Doug’s is what every small town café should be. I can vouch for the good food and the great service. The cafe is also spotlessly clean from the tables and floors to the bathrooms. It’s no wonder Doug’s is always busy. Small town cafes in America, maybe someday I’ll write a book about them.

Before I go I want to mention a community organization I’ve been involved with since 2011, the Bartlesville Community Foundation. The foundation was established in 2000 to strengthen the community through a series of endowed funds that support many different charitable efforts. Through the community foundation individuals can set up accounts that will provide funding for their favorite causes in perpetuity without the expense of having their own foundations. The Bartlesville Community Foundation also offers various grant programs for local not for profits.

My personal history with the organization began in 2011. After quite a bit of research I signed some paperwork to insure that 100% of any reward money that might be associated with the unsolved murder of E.C.Mullendore III would be paid directly to the Community Foundation. If you are looking for a creative way to support the community, give them a call.


You will all have the opportunity to learn more about just what happened on September 26, 1970 when Footprints in the Dew, the life of Chub Anderson, will have its official release at the Dewey Hotel during Western Heritage Days. I will be signing books from 11-3 on Saturday September 26th.  This will also be a great opportunity to enjoy downtown Dewey during the festival. On Sunday, Ken and Marilyn will be hosting the Wild West Show out at Prairie Song. If you haven’t been there before, Prairie Song is the perfect recreation of a frontier town and it is truly a top attraction in the four state area. The Wild West Show brings back a golden era of real cowboys to this great setting. Hope to see you there.

Till then I’ll see ya down the road….