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As some of you may realize I have been working on my website, gearing up for the Kickstarter campaign for Footprints in the Dew. I apologize for being offline and for any inconvenience. Glad to be back and hope you enjoy this post!

Welcome back. Almost recovered from what I was sure was Ebola, black leg, malaria, dengue fever or some other fatal disease, this week after several doctors’ visits under my belt along with a half dozen trips to the pharmacist I thought a medical story might be appropriate.

Did you know that according to the FDA its takes approximately two weeks after a flu shot for your body to mount an immune response? What that means around this part of the country is if you haven’t had a shot by now, don’t hesitate any longer. It’s not too late to be vaccinated.

Getting that flu shot is the first step in protecting yourself against illness. Step two is to always wash your hands properly and that means twenty seconds of lathering with soap, then air drying if possible. Step three, and this is where many of us go wrong and let the virus or infection go too far, is to capture the germs. The pros at fighting the flu, like Elizabeth Pantley who has written a bestselling book on the subject, recommend using a tissue to catch your cough or sneeze when it first appears. Then throw the tissue away immediately, don’t reuse it. That’s important, then wash your hands.  As for me I wish I could tell you that while on safari in deepest Africa with Tom Selleck I was bitten by a deadly flying spider but as it turned out acute bronchitis had attacked my body.

Acute bronchitis can be serious if left untreated. It can be either viral or bacterial in origin and with proper care most people, and that included me, can recover in about three weeks. Chronic bronchitis is much more serious and can require repeated medical treatments. It can be a problem for a couple of years as well.

The symptoms of bronchitis are a hacking cough and lots of phlegm (snot) that can lead to an upper respiratory infection. As the irritated lung membranes swell and grow thicker, they narrow and shut off the airways to the lungs. This condition causes the coughing and phlegm and breathlessness follows. If left untreated permanent lung damage can result so if you get the symptoms don’t wait!

Moving forward, what disease killed Dizzy Gillespie, Patrick Swayze and Apple computer founder Steve Jobs? That would be pancreatic cancer, a frequently asymptomatic cancer that is very difficult to detect. November was the official Pancreatic Cancer awareness month but I’m pretty sure that every month is awareness month to your family doctor. Do not ignore even small, seemingly minor symptoms.

Now a quick report from the ski area that is closest to northeast Oklahoma, Angel Fire. Lots of snow! The lifts could be opening early and with deep discounts on lodging up until Christmas the obvious question is why not?

On another note from the area, in a move to keep the Rotan, New Mexico airport from closing, Oklahoma businessman Bob Funk has purchased it. The airport is a vital link to the four state region and rumors that it might close had caused concern for people who travel there regularly. I’ll bring you more about the airport after my next visit.

I’ll close with my scoop of the week: one of my favorite places, the St. James Hotel in Cimarron, New Mexico is offering half price rooms through the winter. With the slopes just a scenic thirty minute drive away you can’t beat it. A historic setting with great food and comfortable beds, you need to give it a try even if you don’t ski.

Till next time I’ll see ya down the road…..


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