Chub Anderson and Sheriff Wayman, 2009, Part 5

Bill Mitchell was the Osage County deputy in charge of serving legal papers to E.C. Mullendore on the day of the murder and he had talked to Chub earlier in the day. In this clip Chub and Wayman discuss Mitchell’s attempts to catch up with E.C. and serve the papers.

This week Chub also tells his first lie to Wayman when he is asked if E.C. ever accused him of any impropriety with his wife Linda. After Wayman and Bart Perrier left I continued recording as Chub explained to me why he had lied. That clip will be shown later in this series.

In the “Down The Road” segment of this site I will be posting several articles about the Angel Fire, New Mexico area which I wrote during a trip I made to research Chub’s activities in that area. I will also be posting Part Three of the Life and Times of Sheriff Wayman and then on Wednesday, Part Four of this series will run with a rarely seen photo of the crime scene.

Next week Chub and E.C. are being chased by Bill Mitchell that night and the Sheriff asked him straight up why he didn’t stop when Mitchell turned on his flashing lights just an hour before the shooting.

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