Chub Anderson and Sheriff Wayman, 2009, Part 3

Part Three of a Serious Dialogue…

This video was made as Chub and the former Sheriff were aging and battling health problems. They were both facing the possible end of the road in their lives and the tone of their conversation reflects that. The feeling throughout their meeting was very respectful, without any anger or recrimination towards one another.  They were able to thoughtfully discuss many details about the Mullendore murder, including some false leads such as the much discussed bone chip that some claim had landed on Chub’s hat.

Check out the most recent installment in my profile of the Sheriff which gives you a greater understanding of the character of this man who has been haunted by the two crimes he could never solve.

Then keep your eyes peeled for a new posting next week from my travels under Down The Road as I take a side trip to Branson, MO to check out this year’s Christmas events.This is one of my favorite places to visit and I am sure that many of you are already familiar with it. If you haven’t been there the holiday season is one of the best times to go.

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