Filming in Bartlesville?

Ironically, having just returned from two film festivals now I have been contacted by a film company with an interest in my project. They hope to come to town to interview the remaining key players and shoot some footage on location. Will this solve the mystery or just add to it? Stay tuned…..


One thought on “Filming in Bartlesville?

  1. I am very interested in the E. C.Mullendor case, I had met E.C. through my uncle Lloyd Schell who was in law enforcement in Washington County for many years.. The 4 th of July following the murder my wife and I were invited to spend the holidays with Gene and Mrs Mullendore, as well as Katsey and John Meekum, owner of the New Orleans Saints at the time.. I was extremely impressed with E.C.’s parents, but it was evident the tragedy had really effected them. I later learned that while working at the Holiday Inn West in Okla. City, I came in contact with a money broker working to get money for E.C. before his death. I knew most of the law enforcement officer in Washington county at the time including Larry Silvers BPD police officer, ambulance driver who transported E.C. that night…. I later became a police officer serving 35 years in Dallas, Tx…. Still doing investigative work and think this is a very interesting case that can and should be resolved, I hope you have uncovered the TRUTH ABOUT THAT NIGHT., but don’t have much faith, that those who really know, have been forthcoming enough to satisfy my and many others wishes to know.. .

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