Chub Anderson Interviews: Complete Series

Chub Anderson & Sheriff Wayman Interview: Part 1

This meeting took place in Chub’s apartment in Caney, Kansas, in February 2009. It was only the second time in over forty years that the two men were face to face. Afterwards Chub told me that he enjoyed talking over the old days and playing cat and mouse with the sheriff about E.C. Mullendore’s murder.

Chub Anderson agreed to this meeting with former Osage County sheriff George Wayman. Wayman had interviewed Chub while he was in Lansing Prison, but that meeting was held in an open room with other prisoners coming and going right outside the door and their conversation was brief and uncomfortable. I met Wayman when I interviewed him for my book and he subsequently asked me to arrange this meeting.

Please remember as you watch these interviews that it was Chub Anderson who wanted his story to be told. He has told me on numerous occasions to do whatever it takes to get the book published while he was alive if possible, and he has received no compensation for his assistance with the project from me. If you read between the lines this statement comes into play at a later date.

In the following videos you will hear these two men discuss possible deals, missing and fabricated evidence and previously unrevealed details about the night of the murder.

Chub Anderson & Sheriff Wayman Interview: Part 2

In this segment of the recorded conversation, the sheriff refers to a “deal” which had been offered to Chub shortly after the murder by J.D. Slinkard who was an investigator for Osage County at the time. Slinkard’s typed document sits in the murder case file at the sheriff’s department, the paper yellowing with time, still waiting for Chub’s signature.

Chub Anderson & Sheriff Wayman Interview: Part 3

This video was made as Chub and the former Sheriff were aging and battling health problems. They were both facing the possible end of the road in their lives and the tone of their conversation reflects that. The feeling throughout their meeting was very respectful, without any anger or recrimination towards one another. They were able to thoughtfully discuss many details about the Mullendore murder, including some false leads such as the much discussed bone chip that some claim had landed on Chub’s hat.

Chub Anderson & Sheriff Wayman Interview: Part 4

In this clip the Sheriff refers to a bone chip that supposedly was found lodged on Chub’s hat. This story originated with Osage County Sheriff’s deputy Rudy Briggs who had received the hat from the Dewey, Oklahoma cop who had driven Chub to the hospital on the night of the murder. At the time, Briggs was quoted as saying that he had immediately spotted what appeared to be a bone chip on the brim of Chub’s hat which he had left in the Dewey policeman’s car. He said that the fragment was roughly about a third the size of a dime and claimed that this evidence was later mishandled and lost. Brigg’s statement was recently repeated in an article in The Tulsa World.

Briggs did not believe Chub’s initial statement in which he said that he had been upstairs drawing a bath when the first shots were fired. According to Briggs’ comment in The World: “That bone chip didn’t jump up two stories into the bathroom and get on his hat.” During this clip Chub also mentions that he had Linda Mullendore’s telephone number tucked into the sweatband of the same hat, a key piece of evidence that neither the Sheriff nor investigator Perrier knew about before this interview. Linda was E.C.’s wife and had left the ranch several days before.

Chub Anderson & Sheriff Wayman Interview: Part 5

Bill Mitchell was the Osage County deputy in charge of serving legal papers to E.C. Mullendore on the day of the murder and he had talked to Chub earlier in the day. In this clip Chub and Wayman discuss Mitchell’s attempts to catch up with E.C. and serve the papers.

Chub also tells his first lie to Wayman when he is asked if E.C. ever accused him of any impropriety with his wife Linda. After Wayman and Bart Perrier left I continued recording as Chub explained to me why he had lied. That clip will be shown later in this series.

Chub Anderson & Sheriff Wayman Interview: Part 6

In this clip Chub and the Sheriff talk about the night of the murder in detail — especially Chub’s relationship with E.C. and the two of them outrunning Deputy Bill Mitchell in Chub’s souped up red Chevelle. The car was a gift from the Mullendore family who were known for treating their staff well and inspiring a loyalty which kept many people working at the ranch for years.

Wayman can be heard promising Chub the moon if only he will talk. The sheriff also says that he never thought E.C.’s wife Linda had anything to do with the murder. However in a recent interview in The Big Heart Times after Chub’s death, he is quoted as saying that she probably had everything to do with the shooting: “when they (Chub and E.C.) came back in the house, they were fussing over the divorce and the cattle checks.”

Once again, after the two lawmen left I continued recording while Chub told me about the back door deals he had been offered in the past which included total immunity from prosecution, money and fame. These deals and more will be discussed in future clips.

Chub Anderson & Sheriff Wayman Interview: Part 7

If you are a first visitor to this site you may want to go back to Part One of these video clips and watch them in sequence to put everything in perspective.

This conversation between Chub and the Sheriff touches on Chub’s life in Montana and the time he spent working on Snow Crest Ranch which belongs to broadcasting mogul Ted Turner.

Chub built two huge holding pens for buffalo that Turner raised on the ranch and while he was working there he lived in one of the original ranch houses on the property. During this two year period when he rubbed shoulders with many well known people-including Turner’s wife at the time- Jane Fonda- he never once slipped out of his assumed identity as Jack Evert. I spent several weeks in Montana interviewing people who had known Chub there and no one suspected him.

Their discussion also takes a more personal tone when the Sheriff asks him about the many women he has had in his life: four wives, two of whom were common law, several long time girlfriends including two in Montana and many flings with other women. These topics and many more are described in detail in my as yet unpublished book “Footprints in the Dew: The Chub Anderson Story.”

Chub Anderson & Sheriff Wayman Interview: Part 8

In this portion of his meeting with George Wayman, Chub gives a glimpse into his personal thoughts about the murder. Both he and George agree that there had not been any Mafia involvement in the crime, something Chub and I had also discussed before.

Wayman also mentions detective Gary Glanz, a hard nosed cop turned private investigator who was hired by Linda Mullendore the day after the murder and who has been involved with the case in one way or another ever since. The Wall Street Journal once called Glanz “super sleuth” and referred to him as one of the best private investigators in the southwest.

Chub had told Glanz in an earlier interview that he had disposed of the murder weapon on his way into Dewey and Glanz had tried to get him to pinpoint an exact spot where it might be found. Chub laughingly mentions the money that Glanz left him after each of his visits to the apartment in Caney. The gun mentioned in this clip is a World War II era Victor 38 pistol.

For his part, Glanz has publicly stated that for $100,000 he could immediately solve this murder case. It makes you wonder who was playing who in this forty year relationship that started on September 27, 1970.

Chub Anderson & Sheriff Wayman Interview: Part 9

This is the final video clip from the last conversation between Chub and Sheriff Wayman. There was a lot going on behind the scenes that the two men didn’t know about. At the time this was supposed to be a secret meeting but an informant in the Osage County D.A.’s office alerted private investigator Gary Glanz to what was going on and told him that fresh evidence was being retrieved by the current sheriff’s office. Secret deals, offers of money and an operative in the D.A.’s office! George was unaware of all this. At age 83, many years retired and 40 years after the murder, he was convinced that his theory of the murder was the only way it could have happened.

George urges Chub to come clean about the murder and promises him that he won’t spend any time in jail. He even tells him that I (Dale) can bring him in and take him home the same day.

Chub knows his health is failing and that he probably doesn’t have long to live. He listens politely to the sheriff encouraging him to get right with God and says that he believes that the sheriff is being truthful and not trying to trick him. Afterwards however Chub told me what he really thought and over the next few weeks he told me the true story and gave me proof of what really happened on the night of September 26, 1970.

Dale Kurht Interview

Thirty-nine year old Dale Kuhrt came from four generations of farmers and ranchers and his great-grandfather had homesteaded the land Dale was born on. Kuhrt was a respected stockman in the American Hereford Association and a long time 4-H judge. He had been moving up the ladder, managing one large ranch after another, each one bigger than the one before. Kuhrt had also worked at several big spreads outside of Oklahoma including the Milky Way Hereford Ranch in Phoenix, the Lucky ranch in Loyalton, California and the Baca Grant Ranch in Moffat, Colorado. He was managing the Codding Cattle Research Station near Foraker, Oklahoma when E.C. contacted him about the job in August 1969.

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  1. I have my own theories on the case, but haven’t seen the latest on what Glanz is telling the DA orwhat Chub has relayed to you, lets get some new information going on this story, I’ve waited forty years to see how this will end….

  2. we are waiting patiently on the Chub Anderson story. Any word on the book or movie deal ? I keep checking your post but nothing new for so long. It seems lke the discovery or histoy channel would love this story have you considered them ?

  3. Are you writing and planning to publish a book about Chub Anderson called Footprints in the Dew? I certainly hope so as I think it would be of interest to many in Oklahoma who were fascinated by the Mullendore murder.

  4. I too would love to read the book. I can’t wait to read it, and have an old friend that knows a lot about this incident that has told me other views and opinions. A fascinating mystery that needs answers! I can’t wait for a copy!!!

    • Yes- if the Kickstarter campaign is successful and I am able to complete the project- if you want to read the book I hope you will support the project and spread the word

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