A Legendary Land Auction in Oklahoma

Welcome back. January16th come rain or shine the sale catalog says. Conducted by Winchester-Shults Real Estate Auction Co of Enid, Oklahoma. Inspection and transportation along with air charter service will all be available. This my friends is going to be the largest auction of prime Oklahoma and Kansas land in modern day history.

Thousands of acres of land, some located in the remote Flint Hills, others close to towns. The showcase of the auction will be the Bird Creek Ranch located just northwest of the Pawhuska city limits. Encompassing close to fifteen thousand acres, Bird Creek includes a large owner’s house, barns, covered scales for weighing cattle and all the pens and corrals you could need. The ranch also offers10 miles of shoreline along Bluestem Lake, dozens of ponds and excellent hunting. On the back side of the property there are two other ranch houses for cowboys to stay in as well as more barns and corrals. Bird Creek Ranch is tract #1 in the sale.

#2 is the Little Chief Ranch over by Fairfax, Oklahoma. With over ten thousand acres, this ranch has everything required for a successful ranching operation. There is a good main house along with several others for cowboys to live in. Little Chief Ranch also has barns, corrals and all the other stuff you would need on a working ranch along with something special: grassland. Many in Osage County call this area the heart of the tallgrass prairie which is considered some of the finest grazing in the country. In addition, this ranch has good highway access and again, the hunting is superb.

Tract #3 is called the “Big Annie Farm” and this property is also located near Fairfax, about fifteen miles outside of town. The Big Annie is comprised of hundreds of acres of farmland along the Arkansas River bottom. Perfect for growing crops like alfalfa and soybeans, this tract also has a house and barns for storing equipment.

Tract #4 is not a large ranch but rather parcels of land in several towns. Lots in Pawhuska, Hulah and Bigheart Oklahoma consist of hundreds of pieces of land, some with blacktop access and others more remote.

Tract #5 is a big chunk of land near Walco, Oklahoma with no improvements. Tracts #6, 7 and 8 are also unimproved land, all close to Avant, Oklahoma.

Yes, on January 16th at the Osage County Fairgrounds, a county twice the size of Rhode Island will be hosting an auction of land that’s about as big as a state. But if you are thinking about buying some of this prime Oklahoma land you are about forty-five years late. This sale was held on January 16th all right but the year was 1973. I’ll have more on this piece of true Oklahoma history on another date.

Here’s a follow up to Monday’s heartbreaking game loss to Georgia. Yes, producer Mike Henry has confirmed that Coach Barry Switzer and Thomas Lott will be doing the Coach’s Cabana again next year. I’ll have more on this fun event next football season so till next time, I’ll see ya down the road….

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