The 2017 Express Ranch “Big Event”

Welcome back. After doing some research on the internet, from what I could tell the cow sale held this past weekend outside of the town of Yukon, Oklahoma was possibly the richest in the country and maybe even the world, and I was there along with cowboys from around the globe. I’ve covered this sale in the past but this year was special as I had the opportunity to ride in the famous Express Ranch stage coach. The coach is drawn by a team of six rare black Clydesdales who just four weeks ago won the Calvary Stampede championship in their class. The horses and the beautiful stage coach they pull won every division of competition which is something that has never been done before. Then two weeks ago they won the National Championship in the U.S. Friends these horses outdid them all and I got the chance to be pulled around by them, it was quite a deal!

I also got the opportunity to hang out with country music giant Neal McCoy who performed for guests following the first day of the sale. McCoy’s gold and platinum albums, along with his 15 USO tours, have made him a much loved figure in the country music industry and since I couldn’t afford any cows the stage coach ride and meeting Neal were definitely highlights of the event for me.

The actual “Big Event” auction as they call it took place on Saturday and friends these aren’t your average cows. A quarter million dollar cow wasn’t unusual; yes that’s two hundred and fifty thousand dollars for one cow. With over seven hundred head, you can see why this sale brought in the big boys in the Angus cow industry and the biggest rancher in the bunch doesn’t live in Canada or Europe but right here in Oklahoma. I recently wrote a story about this man who is about to be inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame in November and whose giving spirit has impacted thousands of lives. While at the sale I found another example of his generosity and commitment to helping others which you readers in the cattle industry probably know about. For the continuing education of America’s youth he has quietly donated four and a quarter million dollars for junior youth scholarship programs and I can also tell you from personal experience with the man that he has given more show calves away to youth than many ranchers own. The love of God, country, family, his friends and youth characterize this man whose name of course is Bob Funk and if you would like to read my past columns about him copies are available at the E/E office.

Till next week from one of the most spectacular rock formations in the North America, I’ll see ya down the road………

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