Thomas Lott, Another OU Legend

Its been another busy week on the road….

Welcome back. I’m still working on the Kansas City story of three days in a town where I could spend a month and still not see everything it has to offer. Its trains, planes and automobiles for sure but also much more and a return trip is already on my calendar.
Three weeks ago I was in Norman doing a book signing during National Signing Day for high school athletes and met a man whose past coach OU legend Barry Switzer called the smartest quarterback he ever coached. This man played for Coach Switzer on the 1975 National Championship team and started at quarterback for three years for the Oklahoma Sooners.
Inducted into the San Antonio Sports Hall of Fame and the Texas High School Football Hall of Fame, after his college days it was on to professional football and the St. Louis Cardinals. That was 1979 and whether or not you’re an Oklahoma football fan, the sight of that red bandana hanging out of the back of his helmet meant that Thomas Lott was on field.
I am bringing this story up because Thomas Lott will be in Bartlesville this Friday to speak at the Boys and Girls Club. He will be there at 4PM and everyone is welcome to attend. Adults bring the kids, kids bring the adults, it’s all free and after meeting Thomas myself I can say you won’t forget it. Thomas will also be at Arvest Bank’s Friday Forum which is hosted by Mr. OU, Jim Bohnsack. This event is open to the public and Thomas is scheduled to speak there as well. Friday Forum is held at Arvest’s Eastside branch starting around 9:30 AM and ending at 11:30. Word has it that Dink’s Pit Bar-B-Q will be seeing him for lunch afterwards. Thomas and his wife requested a tour of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Price Tower so they will be headed there after lunch before his 4PM talk. It’s a treat to have him in town for sure and he and Silver Shoes Joe Washington have told me that they are already talking with Coach Switzer about his upcoming visit to Bartlesville for the big party on May 11th. You’ll be hearing more about that as the date gets closer.
If you don’t mind driving you’ll have one more chance to visit with Thomas on Saturday when he and I will be promoting our books together at the Grand American Arms Show on the Tulsa fairgrounds. The Expo Center right behind the giant Golden Driller statue will be the location. If you haven’t been to the fairgrounds lately improvements to the buildings and grounds have made access much easier and I guarantee you there’s always something interesting going on there.
As for me, tomorrow I’ll be showing my film Footprints in the Dew, The Last Ten Tapes at the First Christian Church in Langly, OK. If you’ve never heard of Langly, it sits on the shores of Grand Lake and one doesn’t often see a prettier setting. It is definitely a resort community with several good restaurants and many opportunities for boating and fishing. The mighty Pensacola Dam is nearby and that’s always worth a tour to me. There are several other interesting communities in the area including Disney, Grove and Ketchum all of which makes for a nice afternoon drive and with spring in the air and gas prices quite reasonable now is the time to go.
Till next time I hope to see ya down the road…..

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