The Toughest Event on Earth- The PBR in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Welcome back. The Professional Bull Riding Association or PBR brought their show to Tulsa last Saturday and Sunday and folks there’s a reason why they call it “the toughest event on earth” as several cowboys had to be assisted from the arena during the course of the evening. According to their website Professional Bull Riders, Inc. was founded in 1992 by 20 riders who left the traditional rodeo circuit to establish bull riding as a stand-alone event. Each rider invested $1,000 to start the organization. Today bull riding is the fast growing sport in the country and those $1,000 investments are worth millions.

The competition was held at the fantastic BOK Center and this fan friendly event center is worth the drive just to see it up close. There is plenty of parking close to the building so going to any kind of show there is an easy in and out.

Looking forward to next spring, May 11th has just been announced as the “night of scholarships and I believe this is a date you will want to mark on your calendar. I understand that kids in our schools are already excited and after hearing that Barry Switzer, or as many call him simply “Coach” is coming to town for the event along with Silver Shoes Joe Washington even the big 60 and 70 year old kids are getting revved up. With back to back national collegiate football championships and then a Super Bowl win along with the roster of colorful characters he has coached all add up to make Switzer one of the most famous and beloved figures in Oklahoma sports. Coming along with Barry is a man whose highlight films are nothing less than unbelievable. I’ve known Joe Washington for about a year and like Will Rogers I don’t think he’s ever met a man he didn’t like. Call the E/E at (918) 336-8200 for all the info and better get your tickets early for this one for sure.

As education is on my mind here’s this week’s scoop: OLLI at OSU. Friends these are classes offered through OSU for people who want new learning experiences in a short course format. OLLI’s new fall schedule just came out and the list of classes is quite impressive. The classes are geared toward older adults and if you want to learn more about Woody Guthrie there’s a class directed by Deanna McCloud Director of the Woody Guthrie Center. How about Bob Wills or the history of jazz? There are classes about all of this as well on Will Rogers and politics, the study of the brain, Tai Chi and history and Hamilton an American Musical which is the show that has been such a smash on Broadway. Bob Blackburn, the Executive Director of the Oklahoma Historical Society will be giving a talk along with Bartlesville’s own Charlie Taraboletti who will offering insights into the popular film world. There are a dozen more classes I don’t have room for but I need to mention that these are all very affordable, how does $5 sound? OLLI truly offers something for everyone and you’re never too old to learn-I’m proof of that!

Till next time I’ll see ya down the road….

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