Come to Pawnee and Hear Me Speak About Footprints in the Dew: Damon “Chub” Anderson and the Unsolved Mullendore Murder

You can learn more about my project at this event! In the meantime check out the campaign to help me publish the book by following the kickstarter link on the homepage of this website.


Book Promotion on Mullendore Murder


The Buffalo Theatre is sponsoring a Book Promotion event to be held Friday, January 16, 2015 at 5:30 – 7 pm.  Due to construction at the theatre, this event will be held at the Pawnee Nation Community Center just west of the Armstrong Bank on Harrison Street in downtown Pawnee. Millionaire Osage County rancher E.C. Mullendore III was beaten and shot to death on his ranch in Osage County on September 26th, 1970. This murder is considered by some to be the greatest unsolved murder mystery in Oklahoma state history. Writer and weekly columnist Dale R. Lewis, aka, the Original Buffalo Dale, has finished his eight years of work on this unsolved murder in collaboration with Chub Anderson who was present at the time of the murder. The title of Lewis’ soon-to-be-published book is “Footprints in the Dew: Damon ‘Chub’ Anderson and the Unsolved Mullendore Murder”   Lewis will be showing film footage and over 30 pictures of the crime scenes and other photos not seen by the general public until now.

A campaign has just been launched on to help underwrite publication of the book. To learn more visit and follow the kickstarter link.

Dr. Benes, owner of the Buffalo Theatre and sponsor of the event, encourages interested parties who have a connection to the events of that time period to attend the book promotion and share their stories. There will be a question and answer portion in the program and time for public comments. For more information, visit the BuffaloTheatrePawnee Facebook page or contact Dr. Benes at

Dr. Benes

Faculty Chair Pawnee Nation College

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