The Night Before Christmas…..

We are now officially counting down to the launch of our campaign on December 31st! and now for a little Christmas story…


Down The Road with the Original Buffalo Dale


Welcome back. This week for your pleasure I’m bringing you a little fiction, or is it? The night was partly cloudy with a whiff of snow in the air. It was cold and after doing some surveillance on a project for the past three nights I was starting to get used to the routine. I was wearing layers of dark clothes to keep warm as well as a good stocking cap and gloves. The gloves were the fingerless kind that let me use my binoculars, and hopefully my camera. At 63, this wasn’t the kind of job I would normally take on. In my younger years, at 6’2” and in pretty good shape yes, but now with the real possibility of confronting a man known to be at least as big as myself if not bigger I was starting to wonder if this was such a good idea.

This night might be one to remember. Laying quietly in the shadows of a large tree for hours, I tried to stay focused for a mind will often drift to other things in these circumstances. Family matters of course, cars and trucks and vacations, dreaming of warm sand on a beautiful beach and listening to the waves hit the shore. The sound of a broken twig to my right brought me back to reality. Was this the man I was looking for or just a deer walking through the woods? Another noise in the treetops behind me, then what sounded like a falling limb kept me on my toes for the next several hours. The file on the man stated that he worked strictly at night and he was known as an aerial artist because of his ability to get into people’s houses through the smallest opening. The man was also known to have accomplices so I had to stay alert and stop focusing on the many trivial things that were flooding my mind.

He was married and lived in a remote spot but no one who had attempted to see him there had ever returned. As a matter of fact although he’s often impersonated there’s no proof that anyone’s ever seen the real culprit. Always dressed in a heavy suit with a full beard and wearing thick glasses, the usual description of the guy was always the same. He had been doing this late night work one day a year for decades and always covered a lot of territory.

UFO or some kind of alien being? I didn’t think so. I’ve investigated the mutilated cows in New Mexico and this was something entirely different. The Mafia? Absolutely no way! After my research into Whitey Bulger and organized crime I knew this wasn’t their style either.

From all reports this guy is always happy. He doesn’t ransack anyone’s house or steal anything although he has been known to have a sweet tooth. His mode of transportation is also in question. As a member of the Bartlesville Chamber of Commerce for close to twenty years, I’m listed as a scout, tracker, translator and interpreter and finding people, places and things is my gift. If I could just get a picture of him it would make me a bundle and it would also clear up a lot of myths. It was getting close to midnight now and I was letting my thoughts wander again instead of laying still and listening.

With the snow falling heavily, my spot under the tree was the only bare spot around. I’ve got seven more nights and if I’m good, I’ll see him!

I took a break from my surveillance on Saturday night to witness something special when the sons of the late World Heavy Weight champion Tommy Morrison, Trey Lippe Morrison and Kenzie Witt destroyed their opponents in technical knockouts.

Mark my words, these two young men are definitely moving up the ladder in the professional boxing world. Kenzie trains here in Bartlesville and his success puts our city in the limelight once again.

Now back to my stakeout.

Till next week I’ll see ya down the road……




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