The Continental Divide

                                                                                      Down The Road with the Original Buffalo Dale

 Welcome back. According to “The Continental Divide, also known as the Great Divide, is a natural boundary line separating waters that flow into the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico from those that flow into the Pacific Ocean. It runs north-south from Alaska to northwestern South America. In the contiguous United States, the divide follows the crest of the Rocky Mountains.” Although it is easy to envision the divide as a straight line or wall, in reality it is more of a twisting and turning back road.

 In the northwest corner of Montana, it lies close to the capitol city of Helena, then runs through Butte, MT, winding around before crossing into Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park. Leaving the wide open spaces of Wyoming and into Colorado, the area around the divide becomes more populated with snow ski areas along its route into New Mexico.

The Carson National Forest lies along the eastern slope of the divide on the northern border of New Mexico. This is one of five great national forests in New Mexico which together cover 1.5 million acres. The Carson alone encompasses 89,193 acres with elevations from 6,000 to 13,161 feet at Wheeler Peak which is the highest in New Mexico. Travel in the forest is restricted to foot or horseback in order to protect this wilderness area and its spectacular views.

From the Carson National Forest, the divide winds around New Mexico’s western border with Arizona and finally crosses into Mexico. Having crossed the divide at high elevations in many states myself, I can understand why the early settlers had to wait out the winter snows before attempting to make their way over the mountain ranges.

With the end of summer and before the heavy snow sets in, there are few opportunities left for camping on the divide. Generally camping is free in these out of the way places but beware, you are sharing this space with nature’s creatures. Yes, it’s hard to believe but its last call for camping in the Rockies in 2014!

And now one last blast from the 1960s:

In 1961 the Beatles made their first appearance in Liverpool and Bob Dylan had his first paid gig in New York City.

In ’62 the Rolling Stones debuted in London, the Beach Boys signed a record contract with Capitol Records and the Cuban Missile made everyone aware of the dangers of nuclear weapons

In ’63 Joan Baez and Bob Dylan performed at the Lincoln Memorial during the historic Civil Rights March on Washington. President John F. Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas, TX this same year.

In ’64 the Beatles make their first visit to the United States and Cassisus Clay (now known as Muhammad Ali) become Heavy Weight Boxing Champion of the World.

In ’65 Dylan goes electric, there are race riots in Los Angeles and the first psychedelic acid tea party is held in California with music played by the Grateful Dead.

In’66 the so-called youth movement is sweeping across the country and bands like the Jefferson Airplane and the Jimi Hendrix Experience are gaining popularity.

In ’67 the first issue of Rolling Stone Magazine is published and anti-Vietnam War protests take place from coast to coast.

In ’68 the Beatles travel to India to meditate with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, fifty-nine countries sign nuclear nonproliferation treaties, Richard Nixon becomes President and Robert Kennedy is assassinated in Los Angles, CA.

In ’69 John Lennon and Yoko Ono stage the first “bed-in”, the movie Easy Rider is released and actress Sharon is murdered in her home by the Charles Manson Family.

“The times they are a-changing” was the theme of the decade and on September 15, 1969 they certainly changed when 500,000 unexpected guests showed up on a remote country farm in upstate New York for three days of peace, love and music. Now forty-five years later it could happen again a little closer to home. Woolaroc will be the place on Friday, September 12th starting at 3 p.m. as the sixties come back to life. RKM Film Productions from Tulsa will be documenting the event, there will be lots of giveaways and great food all of which is included in the ticket price. Throw in the Fabulous Mid-Life Crisis Band, the Big O Show, Gypsy Twang, a couple of guest artists, plus an hour of meditation and yoga to get everyone in the right frame of mind and who knows, the guests may just outnumber the animals at Frank’s place! There will be a cash bar and you can buy tickets at the gate. Feel free to bring your lawn chairs but no coolers please.

Sounds like a party to me, till then I’ll see ya down the road…………………………..


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