Off the Beaten Path in New Mexico

                     One last post from my most recent trip to New Mexico!                   

                          Down The Road with the Original Buffalo Dale

 Welcome back.  Getting off the beaten path. That statement could mean several things that have to do with life but for my purposes this week it means travel destinations, either far away or close by. There are many great (and free) hiking trails that are open to the public in camping areas around Taos that take you about as far out into mother nature as you may want to go. These trails lead deep into the woods and up into the mountains, offering hikers some of the most spectacular scenery in the world.

One such spot is just outside of Angel Fire. Elizabeth Town was once a thriving mining center but today it is a ghost town. Hikers can wander through the old, abandoned buildings and visit the graveyard which with 360 views is one of the most beautiful and serene spots I have seen. It does take a smart guy to know that camping is the number one activity in this part of the world during the summer months. Among other things, campers can easily participate in hiking, swimming, fishing and rafting, all a treat to a person’s eyes and soul.

As all good things hopefully lead to better ones for now I have to sadly say goodbye to north central New Mexico.

Yes, Ghost Ranch, Philmont, Taos, the ghost town of Elizabeth Town and Bobcat Pass are behind me for the time being but I am already planning a return trip in late September/early October to another of Georgia O’Keefe’s favorite spots that I want to explore.

Till next week I’ll see ya down the road……………..







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