Glen Campbell Farewell Tour

         I was lucky enough to catch this wonderful concert at the Osage Event Center

                                     Down The Road with the Original Buffalo Dale

Glen Campbell and Daughter
Glen Campbell and daughter
Welcome back.   It was 1969 when John Wayne won “Best Actor” at the Academy Awards for his performance in True Grit. He had played the drunken, uncouth worthless son of any mother U.S. Marshall Rooster Cogburn. The high point of the movie is a scene in which the one eyed Marshall, riding his favorite horse with the reins in his teeth, charges four desperadoes alone and kills all but one them. Just as he is about to be done in by the remaining outlaw Lucky Ned Pepper, who is played by Robert Duvall, a shot from Texas Ranger La Boeuf saves him. La Boeuf was the first movie role for singer Glen Campbell whom I was lucky enough to see in concert last Tuesday night at the Osage Event Center in Tulsa.

It’s been 43 years since True Grit was released and Campbell admits that the road since then has been tough at times. Now battling Alzheimer’s disease, he has found strength in his continued love of music and performing. On this night Campbell gave the sold out audience everything he had and the crowd responded with numerous standing ovations. His famous voice is still in good form and his guitar playing made it easy to understand why the Beach Boys, the Monkees and the Righteous Brothers among many others recruited him to play on many of their hit records.

Three of Campbell’s children, Cal, Shannon and daughter Ashley played with him along with a thirty year Glen Campbell veteran arranger playing piano and rhythm.

In between songs there was plenty of joking and laughter and his kids helped him over any rough spots. Campbell plans to keep doing what he loves and that’s making music with his family. As for me I would gladly pay double to see him play just one more time.

Locally there’s bound to be a few area legends this coming Saturday at the Nutrition Program’s Chili Cook-off at the old Bluestem school in Dewey. With close to fifteen teams competing the samples will make a meal and I promise no one will leave hungry. There will also be a big Easter Egg hunt which is free and open to the public and Dewy fire trucks, police cars and other emergency equipment will be on hand for viewing. This promises to be an afternoon of good clean old fashioned family fun and time well spent. All are welcome and I hope to see you there.

This week I also have the scoop on a few other local places to have fun. Although they are open five days a week Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights are slower  making them a good time for the  two open air patios on the 16th floor of the Price Tower where you can sit and enjoy spectacular views of downtown Bartlesville and beyond. Copper Bar is open on the 15th floor offering drinks and appetizers while you’re visiting with friends or just relaxing.

The next spot is the Birch Lake campground. Quiet, with only the noise of critters in the background, this well kept secret is a great place for a drive or to camp a night or two this time of year and that’s coming from a seasoned tent camper.

Another great place for a drive and a picnic is the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve outside of Pawhuska. There is a lovely shaded picnic area with tables alongside Sand Creek in sight of the former Chapman Barnard bunkhouse. Now owned by The Nature Conservancy this property is part of the ranching history of our area. The famous tall grass swings in the breeze, bison roam freely across the prairie and you are surrounded by peace and quiet. It is well worth your time to visit this incredible place which is also free and open to the public.

Till next week as one of my childhood idols John Wayne would say: “I’ll see ya down the road pilgrim.”




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