Branson, MO and Glenn Campbell

Interviews continue to take me to far off places and interesting people- One stop that coming up is Branson, MO where I will be checking out the tornado damage. Its always worth the trip and I hear that they’re getting back to normal already. With Glenn Campbell making a farewell tour across the country I hope this  weekly column is of interest.

Welcome back This week’s travels had me first checking in with photographer Jerry Poppenhouse whose next photo workshop will be held at Waite Phillips’ old UUBar Ranch outside of Cimarron, New Mexico. If you haven’t heard of him, Jerry had a twenty-eight year career with Phillips Petroleum Company, traveling around the world shooting photos in remote locations where many times people didn’t even know what a camera was. After retiring from Phillips, he went on to teach photography at OSU and his work has been published in numerous books and magazines.

Jerry tells me that although the Lodge at the UUBar sold out the first day that the workshop was announced, he thinks that there is still a room or two available at the St. James Hotel in town. I also found out that Jerry and the other two instructors aren’t charging a dime for their time so the only expense for participants is their meals and lodging. If you are interested you’d better hurry and check with Sue at (575) 376-2035.

I also need to mention the kids of Jenks High School this week since Saturday afternoon I attended a performance of The Will Rogers Follies at their performing arts center. Picking up Will’s grand niece who’s also his oldest living direct descendant and a person who often traveled with him, and now was traveling with me, you know it felt special.

The musical tells the story of Will’s generosity toward mankind and for a Will Rogers fan sitting next to a person who witnessed it all first hand was great. Sadly, I have to tell you that the last performance was on this past Sunday and I am sorry if you missed it but the museum in Claremore is open year round so check it out. You can see photos from the Jenk’s performance on my sidekick’s Facebook page, Photos by Loretta Lewis.

According to his official biography, this next man’s story started on April 22, 1936 on a farm in Billstown, Arkansas. A sharecropper’s son with twelve brothers and sisters, he picked cotton until his dad bought him a $5 Sears and Roebuck guitar and within a couple of years the world started to know who Glenn Campbell was. After performing on some local radio shows, he dropped out of high school and moved to Wyoming where he played bars and roadhouses. He soon moved on to New Mexico putting together a band called “Glenn Campbell and the Western Wranglers” and then took his act to Los Angeles where he got gigs with the Righteous Brothers, the Monkees and the Beach Boys. Over the years his career grew to include his own T.V. show, hit solo records and even a role in True Grit with icon John Wayne, making Glenn Campbell a household name.

In the 1970s substance abuse, a tell all book and frequent tabloid headlines made it seem that things had fallen apart for Campbell but with the help of God and a new wife he pulled himself back together and resumed performing. After his recent announcement that he has Alzheimer’s disease, Campbell is making a highly publicized farewell tour across the country and his show at the Osage Event Center in Tulsa is already sold-out. If you didn’t get a ticket don’t worry, I’ll be there to bring you a report on the show and this great entertainer’s condition.

Till next time, I’ll see ya down the road…….


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  1. Wow… Great story Dale. I went to school with one of Glenn’s backup singers on tour. KNC in Wichita Kansas. He was the real deal. Had photos and such to prove it. Most of us were late teens, but he was WAY old… Bout somewhere in his 40’s. 🙂

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