A New Phase

Chub always believed that his life story would make a great book and that was why he was willing to work with me for five years, gradually giving me more and more information and insight into his personality. Since his death I have been editing the manuscript of Footprints in the Dew and making contacts with people whom I believe can help me get the project into print. Now I am about to embark on a new series of meetings towards that goal.

3 thoughts on “A New Phase

  1. Folks who knew Chub or at least interested in the story are all behind you. Would even donate my time to help you out. Carry on!!!

  2. Cody,By the way you talk about Chub I can tell that you must have been the type of person that Chub would have been a real close friend with. Chub was a person that could read people and seemed to be able to tell if they were phoney or were the real deal..You must have been the real deal,and someone that Chub felt he could pretty much be himself with..Don’t feel bad that he kept his real identity secrect,he probably felt like he was protecting you…..HIS FRIEND….HE IS MISSED…..

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