Another Chub Anderson

With several good leads for development of this project my work continues. Look for things to happen in the near future along with an announcement followed by some film footage shot in 2008. In the meantime here’s another excerpt I think you will find interesting…

Back in Oklahoma bail bondsmen John Dawson, Charles Sellers and John Van Pelt were getting more heat from the Kansas courts. The men believed that they had caught a big break in the case when an individual known as Chub Anderson was found to be living in Seneca, MO and his description fit Chub’s M.O. The three men wasted no time and headed off from their office in Oklahoma City on the five hour drive to Seneca, calling for law enforcement assistance on the way. They radioed the local sheriff and city police that “Chub Anderson” was considered armed and extremely dangerous and advised them to wait for their arrival before approaching him.

Upon reaching Seneca, they surrounded the home in a stand-off until he was persuaded to surrender quietly. While questioning him, officers found a large quantity of marijuana growing in the backyard and a drug dog located six pounds of pot hidden in the house along with drug paraphernalia and a Mac 10 fully automatic machine gun. Although he didn’t look the same, the bondsmen were sure they had the elusive Chub Anderson, caught with pot and guns as usual. After a phone call the Chautauqua County Sheriff wasn’t so sure, something about the ID didn’t look right. The finger prints and photos he received from the state police confirmed his suspicions – this was someone who needed to be off the streets but he was definitely not Chub. It had been three years and the courts had enough and were threatening to revoke the bonding company’s license if Anderson wasn’t produced. Judge David Casement laid it out to the bondsmen one more time- produce Chub in ten days, pay up the ten thousand or lose your license to do business in Kansas.

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