Chub Anderson and Sheriff Wayman, 2009, Part 8

In this portion of his meeting with George Wayman, Chub gives a glimpse into his personal thoughts about the murder. Both he and George agree that there had not been any Mafia involvement in the crime, something Chub and I had also discussed before.

Wayman also mentions detective Gary Glanz, a hard nosed cop turned private investigator who was hired by Linda  Mullendore the day after the murder and who has been involved with the case in one way or another ever since. The Wall Street Journal once called Glanz “super sleuth” and referred to him as one of the best private investigators in the southwest.

Chub had told Glanz in an earlier interview that he had disposed of the murder weapon on his way into Dewey and Glanz had tried to get him to pinpoint an exact spot where it might be found. Chub laughingly mentions the money that Glanz left him after each of his visits to the apartment in Caney. The gun mentioned in this clip is a World War II era Victor 38 pistol.

For his part, Glanz has publicly stated that for $100,000 he could immediately solve this murder case. It makes you wonder who was playing who in this forty year relationship that started on September 27, 1970.

Next week is the last clip and is also the last time that these two would talk as Chub has since died. The old Sheriff asks him again to tell him who killed E.C. and a deal is struck involving me, solving the 40 year old mystery.

For the most recent media coverage of this case check out  Ann Kelley’s story on the front page of  today’s Oklahoman (12/26/2010).

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