Angel Fire and Red River New Mexico

Welcome back.  This week we’re on the road to Angel Fire and Red River, New Mexico. It’s not cheap to live here and if you need to go to a Wal-Mart or Food Pyramid on a regular basis the closest big store is forty-five minutes away in Taos. You may ask what does make people want to live here where winter is welcome? Well here is my take on this gorgeous place.

First and foremost there is ski season and all the other sports like snow shoeing and snow boarding that come with it. The annual snowfall runs around 210 inches and this is truly a winter wonderland throughout the winter months.

But for me the biggest attraction is actually summer and the opportunity to hike and ride horseback on the millions of acres of government owned land. Areas like Clear Creek Trail in the Cimarron or the Middle Fork Trail at Red River let you experience Mother Nature at her finest with beautiful views and abundant wildlife. Summer also offers big river rafting along the Rio Grande, fly fishing for trout in clear mountain streams and four wheeling to remote scenic spots.

The low crime rate and lack of congestion are two other important aspects of life here that draw people from around the country.  For the hardy, free spirited people that live here all of these qualities far outweigh their low wages and the high cost of real estate in this popular tourist area.

The 120 room Angel Fire Resort at the foot of the ski area is known as “the lodge” by locals and it offers ski in and ski out rooms, a fitness center and a fantastic pool and spa area.  The resort is the heart of the town which also includes a few real estate offices, a small grocery store, a half dozen family owned restaurants and my friend Nancy Burch’s outfit which offers guided trail rides and sleigh rides with dinner during the winter. That is the entire town, or village, as most people call it.

Together, Taos, Red River and Angel Fire are known as the “enchanted circle”, a name that reflects the unique combination of history, culture, recreation and natural beauty that characterize these communities. As Loretta and I explore this mystical part of the country here are a few of the highlights we will be bringing you:

A tour of the Taos Pueblo, the only “living” pueblo in the country where people still live as they did hundreds of years ago.

A walk across the Rio Grande Gorge and Bridge with a breath taking view of the river.

A visit to the Wild River Scenic Recreation area which includes the Red River fish hatchery.

Reflections on the Vietnam Veteran National Memorial just outside of Angel Fire which is a special place for all of us.

First hand experiences of four of New Mexico’s best ski areas.

We’ll also be checking out what the late Drew Judyck preached when he said “We all want to make sure that Red River is a wonderful place to visit.” I’ve got the feeling that this little hamlet is going to be a real treat.

Till then from the place that the legendary scout and explorer Kit Carson called “Angel Fire”, I’ll see ya down the road….

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