Chub Anderson and Sheriff Wayman, 2009, Part 4

Out of respect to Mr. Anderson I thought I might not make any new entries on the website this week but I have made the decision to continue posting clips of his conversation with former Sheriff Wayman which I think shows them both in a good light.

Chub knew about the website and helped me with the first photo galleries, oking the photos I’ve posted and giving me information for the titles and descriptions. Naturally he also knew that I filmed many of our meetings and the interview with the Sheriff.  I’ve also noticed that several people have been using the site to send condolences to Chub’s family and I’m very happy to see that.

In this clip the Sheriff refers to a bone chip that supposedly was found lodged on Chub’s hat. This story originated with Osage County Sheriff’s deputy Rudy Briggs who had received the hat from the Dewey, Oklahoma cop who had driven Chub to the hospital on the night of the murder. At the time, Briggs was quoted as saying that he had immediately spotted what appeared to be a bone chip on the brim of Chub’s hat which he had left in the Dewey policeman’s car. He said that the fragment was roughly about a third the size  of a dime and claimed that this evidence was later mishandled and lost. Brigg’s statement was recently repeated in an article in The Tulsa World.

Briggs did not believe Chub’s initial statement in which he said that he had been upstairs drawing a bath when the first shots were fired. According to Briggs’ comment in The World: “That bone chip didn’t jump up two stories into the bathroom and get on his hat.” During this clip Chub also mentions that he had Linda Mullendore’s telephone numbertucked into the sweatband of the same hat, a key piece of evidence that neither the Sheriff nor investigator Perrier knew about before this interview. Linda was E.C.’s wife and had left the ranch several days before.

Next week: the Sheriff questions Chub directly about a possible affair between himself and Linda and gets a straight answer back. In the meantime keep checking this website for the last part of my profile of Sheriff Wayman and a rare photo of the crime scene.

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