Chub Anderson and Sheriff Wayman, 2009, Part 2

The Conversation between Chub and Sheriff Wayman Continues…

In the first segment of the recorded conversation between former Osage County sheriff George Wayman and Chub Anderson, the sheriff refers to a “deal” which had been offered to Chub shortly after the murder by J.D. Slinkard who was an investigator for Osage County at the time. Slinkard’s typed document sits in the murder case file at the sheriff’s department, the paper yellowing with time, still waiting for Chub’s signature.

As the author of Footprints in the Dew I have tried hard over the last five years not to become a character in this story but as you will see this week I’m put right in the middle of it all by Sheriff Wayman.

Please remember as you watch these interviews that it was Chub Anderson who wanted his story to be told. He has told me on numerous occasions to do whatever it takes to get the book published while he was alive if possible and he has received no compensation for his assistance with the project from me. If you read between the lines this statement comes into play at a later date. Anderson agreed to this meeting with the sheriff and afterwards told me that he enjoyed talking over the old days and playing cat and mouse with him about E.C. Mullendore’s murder.

If you want to read more about Sheriff Wayman, I will be posting a four part interview with him which I wrote for the Bartlesville Examiner Enterprise in March 2009. Look for it in the Down The Road section of this website.

This coming week look for a special announcement involving the gag order that had been imposed on me. Thank you for your comments and be sure to subscribe to our email update service so you will notified whenever there is a new posting on this site.

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