Chub Anderson and Sheriff Wayman, 2009, Part 1

This week I am posting the first in a series of film clips from an interview between retired Osage County sheriff George Wayman and Chub Anderson. As I described last week, their meeting took place in Chub’s apartment in Caney, Kansas, in February 2009. It was only the second time in over forty years that the two men were face to face.

Wayman had interviewed Chub while he was in Lansing Prison but that meeting was held in an open room with other prisoners coming and going right outside the door and their conversation was brief and uncomfortable. I met Wayman when I interviewed him for my book and he subsequently asked me to arrange this meeting.

In the following weeks you’ll hear the two men discuss possible deals, missing and fabricated evidence and previously unrevealed details about the night of the murder.

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