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Welcome back. With each week I’m learning more about the workings of this website. Thanks for your patience and all of your kind comments. Right now I’m working on a press release regarding the lifting of a Multicounty Grand Jury gag order that was imposed on me last January. With the help of several talented friends, I am positioning the press release to be sent out nationwide in a week or so. The distribution of the press release will coincide with the posting of the first installment of a series of film clips of a meeting between retired Osage County Sheriff George Wayman and Chub Anderson.

George was the Sheriff at the time of E.C. Mullendore’s murder and had interviewed Chub right after the murder. Then Chub hired attorney Pat Williams to represent him and refused all further interviews. Williams was the law partner of soon to be Oklahoma governor David Hall.

The film was shot at Chub’s apartment in March 2009 and this was only the second meeting between Wayman and Chub since 1970. There were four people present, Chub, George, Osage County Detective Bart Perrier and myself.  George had asked me to arrange the meeting and he and Chub both agreed to let me film it. I could have sold tickets!

While you’re waiting to see this fascinating conversation between the old lawman and the elusive Anderson, watch for part 2. of my series on Lansing Prison which will be posted this week.

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